to whose interested
by those berber words
we still remember !

The aim of this site, dedicated to our dear departed, is mainly the preservation of the native language (a Tamazight or berber language) of Tamezret , a small village in the mountains of Matmata, south-east of Tunisia (North Africa).

This site, presently in french (soon in english ?), brings essentially :

  • a new phonetic writing of the Tamazight language of Tamezret,
  • a dictionary of hundreds of words actually used by the natives of Tamezret and many of their descendants (this dictionnary, frequently updated, can be viewed on-line or downloaded),
  • numerous examples illustrating various grammar topics
  • documents related to Tamezret and his berber language.

Your messages may be sent in English, Italian, Spanish and of course in Arabic or in Tamezret Dialect. Please, indicate -with latin characters- the encoding used : UTF-8, Arabic (Mac), ...